Practices and techniques for turning cultural needs and challenges into opportunities for individual and collective growth.

The Certified Intercultural Training Program

Level 1 Workshop
Learning to See
Level 2 Workshop
Learning to Understand
Level 3 Workshop
Problem-Solving and Project Management
Learning to Act

​This dynamic training program emphasizes “walking the talk” and is aimed at facilitating collaboration and fruitful partnerships between individuals from different cultural backgrounds through shared projects.

This introductory workshop firstly offers participants strategies by which to "learn to learn" about culture. Through a three step methodology (see, understand, act), they acquire a repertoire of practical skills for building healthy and ethnical intercultural partnerships in specific personal and professional contexts.


Learners then apply these cognitive skills to their lived experience so as to heighten their awareness and sensitivity to the underlying norms, values and beliefs of cultural phenomenon.


A filmed dramatized sequence concludes the workshop experience with an area simulation exercise, allowing participants to transfer their intercultural skills to an unfamiliar cultural environment.​

Training the Trainer Program

Theoretical and educational foundations
on which the workshops are designed
3 credit, 36 hour course

Preplanning and evaluative activities tailor the training offered

to the needs and expectations of participants. 

Dr. Roger Parent

Professor Emeritus,
University of Alberta

Designed and field-tested the workshop process nationally and internationally over a twenty year period in academic, government and organizational circles, including Aboriginal and First Nations communities. Award-wining academic publications, films and audio-visual learning resources in French and English support and enrich the learning process. 

Guest Speaker
Dr. Michel Zekulin

University of Australia

Speaks on the related issue of Radicalization to Violence