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Where the East meets the West

Integrating new Canadians and leveraging the diverse community to model a culture of inclusion 

A community catalyst helping immigrants become
successful, contributing members of Canadian society.

Our hope is that New Canadians might find resources that will assist them in integrating into Canadian society with greater ease and comfort.

New Canadians

To build and leverage a diverse and inclusive community by building leadership capability and organizational capacity. This requires everyone to do their part.

Diverse Community

We must treat everyone with respect by listening to different points of view, opinions, thoughts, ideas, and embracing a culture of inclusion.

Culture of Inclusion

Culture of inclusion
different points of view, opinions, thoughts, and ideas embraced



Global Village is regularly called upon to offer insight and advice by local community officials, leaders, schools, local
service organizations federal and provincial politicians.

The centre understands the special needs and issues of the newcomer as they face the challenges of living and working in a new country and new community.


Often newcomers who are having difficulty adjusting to the Canadian and local community culture and learning how to understand federal, provincial and local municipal processes and services, seek out guidance at Global Village Centre. These inquiries have included but not limited to: medical, marital, legal – both criminal and civil, citizenship, education, family strife, bullying and discrimination. Newcomers are directed to various local resources and authorities for further assistance. Awareness of cultural differences of all parties involved increases.

The question is always being asked – “how can this benefit our community” and “how can this raise the profile of our community”.  The Global Village Centre is a strong promoter of a variety of community events, and have initiated many efforts that showcase the community to people living in the community, but also to push that awareness and story outside of Brooks.   


Global Village has been the key organizer behind inviting provincial and federal government ministers and officials to visit and tour Brooks and the County of Newell. As well Global Village Centre has been invited to participate in ministerial roundtables and celebrations related to diversity and expanding cultural awareness and services for immigrants.



Because of a broad and extended network with experts and contacts outside the local community, Global Village is able to facilitate bringing new resources and ideas into the local community.

  • a three level set of workshops around the topic of developing a capacity to work with different cultures.

  • delivered a series of anti-racism workshops to front line service providers.

  • convened an informal group of community stakeholders, supplemented with external resources to discuss how the community of Brooks may be affected by and could prepare for instances of local radicalization.

A guiding principle in all of the activities that Global Village Centre is involved in also includes empowering newcomers.  By providing them with information in a culturally appropriate way, the goal is to help educate newcomers and also instilling in them a responsibility to help and improve themselves.  

Reputation for proven outcomes
that generate overall community support.


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